Singh, who met Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday, has preferred to keep quiet since the verdict in the Bhopal gas leakage case. Television crews have been camping outside his residence at 17 Akbar Road in New Delhi for the past three days in the hope that he may speak to them on the issue.
Congress sources said that the former chief minister was not given to impulsive reactions and his move to remain quiet on Anderson's release must be a well-thought decision.

Please explain to me what "was not given to impulsive reasons" mean here?

Though I know "impulsive reaction" means "response/reaction to something without proper thought suddenly". Particularly I'm confused with "was not given to".

Source : http://www.hindustantimes.com/india/Arjun-Singh-maintains-silence-on-Anderson-issue/556360/H1-Art...
It is relating to a habit.

Normally he doesn't have impulsive reations.
was not given to ... = was not known for ... = did not have a reputation for ...

(because he seldom behaved that way)

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CalifJimwas not given to ... = was not known for ... = did not have a reputation for ...
Oh.. then "was given to me" is something to do with "was not given to," right? But I'm not sure what the underlined part below means exactly.

Rachel Dueker, now a college sophomore in Ottawa, Kansas, says she benefited from a high school seminar class at the end of the day where she could do her homework in school -- a tremendous stress reliever.

"I always did my math homework during my seminar class and went to my math teacher and sat side by side with her and got that help, and I didn't have to put in any extra time. It was given to me," Dueker said during an interview.
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