Majeed's execution ended a long debate in the government about executing officials loyal to Saddam.
Majeed was first sentenced to hang in 2007 for his role in Saddam's gruesome 1988 campaign against ethnic Kurds, codenamed Anfal -- or Spoils of War.
In total, Majeed received four death sentences, the last around a week ago for an attack on the Iraqi Kurdish town of Halabja in which thousands were killed by poison gas.
In a nod to the sectarian taunts Shi'ite Muslim observers heaped on Saddam during his December 2006 hanging, government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said Majeed was not subjected to any abuse during the execution.
Fouad Masoum, head of the Kurdish bloc in parliament, reacted to the hanging by saying that "justice has been done".
"This criminal has gotten what he deserved for the atrocities he committed against innocent people. I hope he will be a lesson for others."
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Could you please explain to me the emboldened parts?

I know abuse means "to say rude words to someone" so I guess it means "Majeed didn't use any rude words while he was hanged".
Hi Gary!

That means they didn't abuse them at all. They didn't harm them.

Hope this helps!
Thank you friend.

Do you mean the police officials didn't harm Maajid when he was hanged?