Please help me understand the proper usage(s) of "was relieved" and "got relieved".

Thank you..


'was relieved' ~ was replaced by someone after finishing work

That evening the First Battalion was relieved by French troops and moved back into a support position.

'was relieved' ~ was freed from a chore or duty; was told not to perform that chore or duty anymore

The civic herald was relieved of some of his supervisory duties in order to concentrate more fully on the performances aspect of his office.

'was relieved' ~ felt that a bad situation was made less unpleasant

I grabbed the phone and called Ali. She was relieved that I was okay.

Only the first meaning above is seen with 'got relieved', and then only rarely.

'got relieved' ~ was replaced by someone after finishing work

I told him to stay in the control room until he got relieved.

Thus, 'was' goes with 'relieved' far more often than 'got'. Because 'got relieved' only duplicates 'was relieved', it is never necessary to use 'got relieved'. You can use 'was relieved' is all situations.