hey guys.... can someone enlighten me wat is the meaning of false hopes.

take as an example that this girl tells this guy that she wun give him any false hopes bcoz this guy likes her and all but i guess that she doesnt like him...? yea.... so wat does she mean by false hopes?

thanks people!
Hello, Guest,
yes, your example is OK. Giving false hopes is making someone believe the things s/he wishes will come true, but at the same time knowing you're lying, pretending.
Guest - what I see in this situation is that the girl does not want to be rude to the guy, but she does not want him to think, just because she is being polite, that she likes him in a romantic way, because she doesn't.
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Hi guest,

Another scenario: a doctor telling a terminally ill patient that he or she will live...
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False Hope = to blindly believe in something that will never ever happen.

False hope is telling someone something that is either a lie or empty promise. False hope can be telling a sick person they'll get well when they actually have no idea.