Hello, everyone, My name is GuGu. I am from Myanmar. Last time, I wrote about the brief of Myanmar. At that letter, I said there are twelve months in the Myanmar calendar as well as twelve festivals for twelve months. Among these festival, I want to tell you about the first festival which is celebrated in Tagu (April). This festival is also known as the Thingyan festival in Myanmar. Moreover, it is also known as Myanmar New Year festival. This festival had been celebrating since the Bagan era which is the first Myanmar era built by the Anawyahtar King. At Bagan era, people poured water each other happily. Likely, nowadays, Myanmar people are still celebrating that festival every year. I think there is one question to ask for everyone. Why do they pour water each other in that festival since the beginning of that festival, I mean Bagan era??? …. In my opinion, the reason why they poured water each other was to clean the dirt of the old year and to join the New Year with the fresh, new minds and bodies. Therefore, I think the New Year festival was named the water festival. Moreover, I think this festival is celebrated in the right time. Because, April is the very hot month in Myanmar and the examinations are over in April and so, all the children enjoy participating in this festival. Under the hot sun, people love to pour water each other with the sweet smile without any anger each other. I think this feeling cannot be forgotten. Although people feel hot, they become cool because of the thingyan water. All the young and the old people enjoy in this festival. Nowadays, there are many stage shows for thingyan festival. Moreover, people decorate the cars and visit the whole city happily either with the family or with the friends. You know, there is one feeling when the thingyan festival is closer. Each and everyone feel happy and enjoy the thingyan songs. The thingyan songs which we are listening during the thingyan festival are different from the other songs. I don’t even know why. The closer the thingyan festival, the louder the thingyan songs. During this festival, Myanmar people make traditional food which is only made in thingyan and donate the monastery and every house. You know, that food is also very different; the taste which we eat during the thingyan festival is different from that which we eat after thingyan. I believe if you don’t eat the food during thingyan, you will loose the best feeling which can only feel in thingyan festival. For me, I like to eat food coz it is very delicious and sweet (I like sweet, that’s why). There is one more thing for thingyan. Although the weather is very hot, the rain falls in every April. You know why, this is because of the flower which needs water to bloom. That flower is called Padaunt. That flower only blooms in April especially during thingyan festival. But that flower doesn’t bloom if the rain doesn’t fall. So, we, Myanmar people say, Padaunt and thingyan cannot be separated. So, we say that flower is very faithful coz it is the flower of thingyan. May be you think it is very silly but all the Myanmar people think what I think. Anyway, I believe thingyan festival is the most enjoyable festival in Myanmar and all the Myanmar people love to take part in it. Everyone has remembrance during this festival. Well, my letter is getting longer but I am not satisfied to say you completely about the thingyan festival coz it is very meaningful and enjoyable. Ok, then, I think I should stop now. I hope you will like to read my letter. By the way, let me ask you one question, how do you think this festival? Don’t forget to reply me if you have read and let me know your feelings on that festival. If you want to know more about that, you can ask me. Thanks for your attention and have a nice day, everyone. By frogfish
Love you traditionnal Emotion: smile
Love you traditional Emotion: smile
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I heard of that before and it sounds very different from every comparable event here in Germany (like Oktoberfest for example). But especially after reading this glowing descriptioni would really like to be in Myanmar for that festival sometimes... seems to be a truly "refreshing" experience Emotion: wink
Thank you for sharing the festival of your country,actually ,i have ever saw this celebration on TV,very nice and happy for everyone,whatever old person or young person,because the poured water festival celebration at summer,you know ,it's very hot in summer in your country,so i think maybe in order to get cool and get water after drought many months,you know ,in china,also have such kind of celebration in summer every years,that purpose is that to get cool in summer and pray the rain from sky,i like this festival most in summer,i took my wife participanted last time,because is very hot in my place at that time,i have to play with them and poured water each other,every one are very nice and with smile.
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ting801215,because the poured water festival celebration at summer,you know ,it's very hot in summer in your country,so i think maybe in order to get cool
Yes, Summer is very hot in Burma during these years, to get cool is one of the reasons . But, As I said above, it is also called New Year Festival, we pour water each other in the pupose of cleaning the dirt of old year. Sometimes, you know, rain falls during this festival. After raining, Flower ( Padaught, you will see that flower in my photo album, its color is yellow and smell is so good) blooms. We offer that flower to Buddha. Some girls wear those flowers in their heads. It's so beautiful. Most people say " Padaught " is a very faithful flower because it blooms only in April. Isn't it wonderful? We make good deeds during this festival in order to have a pleasant and lucky year. Childreans, youths and Old people have a great time in Thingyan Festival. So do I have. I love this festival.
Hey!!!!! Is that U?? FLOR!!!!!!!