Dear Teachers,

1.I didn’t feel a thing.
-This means “I felt nothing”, right?

2.That makes sense!
-What does this mean?

3.It’s way too hot for me there!
-“way” here means “pretty/quite”, right?

4.– I agree with you completely.
-I totally agree with you.

-Are these the same meaning?

5.– You’ve got to be kidding me.
-This means “ you must be joking”, right?

6.Get out of here!
- This means “come on!”, right?

Thanks a lot to Teachers,

1. Yes

2. Whatever I have just heard/read is right/a good idea.

3. No, way means very/far - It is far too hot for me there.


5. yes.

6. yes.
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'get out of here!' means 'come on!'.

whew! i didnt no that.
Yes but not in its literal sense, it is not telling someone to come near you or hurry up.

Come on! and Get out of here! are also ways of expressing disbelief.

I used to ride bright blue elephants in India.

'Oh come on!' or 'Get out of here!' or 'Get off it!'

All to be said in a special scathing tone of voice.
thanks for the elaboration.

u really rock!!
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