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When do we use 'way of -ing' or 'way to verb'?

1-1. The best way of learning about computers is working with them.
1-2. The best way to learn about computers is to work with them.
2. The best way [of traveling, to travel] is the train.
3. Waving your hand is a way [of saying, to say] goodbye.

Thank you very much.
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Interesting question, Ms. Jandi. They both seem to work equally well in conveying the same message in your examples.

I would suggest that 'way of doing', with its use of the noun, relates more to the state/condition/practice than the action ( 'to do') in my mind, and that I would tend to use 'way of doing' in more formal contexts.

Another beautiful day. Did you throw any beans?
Throw beans?
I don't know the meaning.
Anyway, yes! One of our beautiful days!

Enjoy the half-cloudy and darker-getting sky!
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On February 2nd, we throw beans at the devils outside in order to keep the home safe from them. I thought you might do something similar.
It's my first time to hear that.
Interesting! Is it a Japanese custom or a North American one?
Yes, we have a similar one. We use salt instead, and we don't have any specific date.
We do this when something bad has happened or is expected to happen.

Have a nice evening.

The only restriction I can think of is that we don't use "way to" when "way" is preceded by a possessive.

I don't like his way [of pronouncing / *to pronounce] "nuclear".
Susan's way [of preparing / *to prepare] eggplant is really novel -- and delicious!

At least I can't think of a counterexample.

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Oh! It's informative.
Thank you very much, Jim!

All the best.
A little tardy in my response, Ms. Jandi, sorry. Bean-throwing is a Japanese tradition. To keep the devils away from our homes in America, we just keep a pistol handy.
Thanks, MM!
BTW, I'm more scared of pistols than [of] devils. Emotion: smile
Which is correct or better, with or w/o 'of'?
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