Ways for starting a friendly letter?

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Is there any other ways of writing a friendly letter other than 'hi! how's you?'
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AnonymousIs there any other ways of writing a friendly letter other than 'hi! how's you?'
How's you? is not correct - it would be how are you?
There are many other ways to start a friendly letter, but "How are you?" is very popular.

Some other opening lines are:

- I hope all is well with you...
- Greetings! I haven't written in some time...
- I hope you are doing well.....
- I'm dropping you a note to say....
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HI hope you are enjoying well. may this day be itself the peaceful and happy for you.
There is value in not starting with "I" The letter is about wanting to know how "you" are doing. It shouldn't start with "I". Any non-I recomendations?
You can simply say
-Hope you're having a good (summer, winter, spring, fall)
-Sorry for not writing in a while. How are you?
I don't really understand but I know the procedure say s that they are hello how are you, haven't seen you in a long time etc