"Every time I sit down to write, I remember lessons from my friends at the Berkman Klein Center’s book club: Doc Searls, David Weinberger, Judith Donath, Eszter Hargittai, Colin Maclay, Christian Sandvig, Wendy Seltzer, Rey Junco, Lokman Tsui, and Zeynep Tufekci. Together, we will club our books into submission." (Ethan Zuckerman, Mistrust: Why Losing Faith In Institutions Provides the Tools to Transform Them, "Acknowledgments")

What does the emphasized phrase exactly?

alibey1917Together, we will club our books into submission."

It is a double pun on the words "club" and "submission"

club =

1. a group of people that meet together regularly for a purpose. (e.g. a stamp collectors club, and antique automobile club, a fan club, a book club, a writer's club"

2. a verb meaning to beat with a big stick

submission =

1. the process of a formal request. We submitted our application for membership. The submission was accepted.

2. the state of complete surrender.

Possible meanings.

1. They (as a discussion group) criticized the the books so much that either the author or the group surrendered (gave up, acceded)

2. They critiqued the books thoroughly so the book was transformed into a state appropriate for submission to publication.

alibey1917What does the emphasized phrase exactly?

I think you left out a word.

I have to guess that "Together, we will club our books into submission" is the slogan of the book club, involving a pun on "club". They attack their books and achieve mastery.

I tried to find it on the Harvard site, but no dice. A regular book club reads books and discusses them. I imagine that these guys read each other's books, both published works and works in progress, and discuss them.

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