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One of my student confused me with this question IF we eat/drink or take soup.
Although my money was on eat.

P.S.: I am not an English teacher Emotion: smile
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If there were spoons involved, I would say 'eat'. I would use 'drink' if someone literally drank it (eg. from a mug). Others might see it differently.
The most common verb for this in AmEng is eat. There are other areas in the English-speaking world that use drink. I think that drink would be inappropriate if the soup is a hearty vegetable or chowder, however.
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I drink broth served in a drinking mug. Chicken broth is good for you when you are sick.

I eat soup.
It is not polite to drink from a soup bowl, except maybe in Chinese restaurants. It is difficult to eat soup with chopsticks.
There is the legendary retort by Sir Winston Churchill to Lady Astor [ the two didn't get along at all! ] when she said that if he were her husband she would poison his soup: Lady Astor, if you were my wife, I would drink it. Emotion: big smile
Sir Churchill's words are final?!?!
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The version of this I had heard was that she would poison his tea.
In point of fact, you 'take' Soup.
You take a soup.
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