We are a pre-school in Bali island, Indonesia. We have two available spots for English teacher needed starting May 2012. Please contact us if you're interested in teaching position and you really have great passion for children. Thank you
I am a preschool educator in Singapore. I am interested to find out more about the school. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks
I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, a freelance writer with 8 years if experience and 6 years of experience teaching secondary school and Cambridge ESOL programme ranging from YLE LEVEL to FCE LEVEL
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I am interested in a teaching position at your preschool. Unfortunately, I cannot find your contact details here. Please contact me for further details.
Im very interested in this position, I will be back in Bali on the 23rd April as I live there most of the year. I completed a Tesol course in January so i could help children I know in Bali to speak English but would love the opportunity to teach more children as there is nothing better than watching children learn. Hope to hear back from you.
Is this a spam or fake recruitment ad that seems to have no replies from the post writer?
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Maybe they already hired someone. Emotion: email
Yep ! they might hired someone but we shouldn't loose our hope.