Turkish people are described as barbarian,despicable in 'Microsoft Age of Empires III'.This game is making people and children racialist and anti-turk.
In this game when Ottoman empire(Turkish empire) succumbed, the game says "Sale turc!","Despicable Turk!".People and children are made Anti-Turk with these games.
Not with only games, some anti-Turks are always saying, teaching people racialist things about Turks..
I can see why this is annoying if you are Turkish. However I can't see something that is set in the dates 1500 -1850, and is a fictional game, is actually going to turn people racist in reality?
It might nona. If playing violent games makes people violent. Playing this game might make people racists.
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Firstly I would like to say that it it would be too costly for you to sue against Microsoft
Secondly I think racism or any other evil feelings like this comes from the teachings of parents ,teachers and environment .Only a game cannot create racism or hatred about a religion or cust or nation or anything like that.But one thing I agree with you that violence in movies and games are not good for children.
I don't think that a game can make people anti-Turk... This sort of attitude towards the Turks is historical and it might take many years to change it.
Every country have history not only Turks. For example France has history in Algeria, and english, italians has in another place ....
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We think that these games should be prohibited...Because they make people enemy against Turks.
Arent you several years late?

Age of empires is a very old game isnt it?

I think the game is trying to be realistic,

I havent played it myself but usually in those type of games you can choose to play on either side.