I think we should stop racism, because we are all god's creation. If you think we should stop, holla at me.
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HOLLA (at Nicholetta).
Racism should be stopped though unfortunately it will always be around. While we are on the topic, one of my pet hates is Classism . That really gets up my nose.Emotion: angry
I can't find no redeeming qualities in a racist.
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I join to that . If some ideas to put in practice, tell me.
To start with: each time you hear a friend or whoever doing a racist, classist, intolerant comment be outspoken against it.
Elena: That's great advice; if everybody thought like that it wouldn't take long to stamp things like racism out!
Yes! Racism upsets me so much inside! My family is racist and i feel there is nothing i can say or do to change their minds...My boyfriend is black, and he is the sweetest, most respectful guy i've ever come across. My parents look down upon me for it, but if only they could stop and think about how ignorant racism is, they would see where i'm coming from...i judge ppl. based on actions alone, not skin color! How stupid can ppl. be?!?! Everyone out there, please do all u can to help fight racism and open the minds of others...thanx:)
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Yeah!Racism should be stopped coz we r not anymore in dark ages where ppl used to think like that.
You know what they say about black boyfriends... they are excellent... wow.
That is racism too maj.
Sorry, I really dislike those commonplaces.
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