Is it possible to write this without "you"

We would like to kindly inform, that ...

Is this sentence correct?


We would like to kindly inform you that ...

As already pointed out, you need 'you'.

I'd like to add that, in the culture that I live in, the word 'kindly' is not normally used in this rather standard phrase.

'We would like to' is a phrase that is already sufficiently polite. Adding 'kindly' makes the sentence seem like it's trying to be excessively polite. Perhaps, in the culture that you live in, this degree of politeness is considered appropriate. I don't know.

Best wishes, Clive
In English, it is almost always possible to leave things out. Why would you want to leave out you in this case? 'We would like to kindly inform' seems fine to me, but when communicating, one ought always to try to minimise ambiguity.
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Thank you very much for your clarification.

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