Many ESL teachers have asked me for help in finding reading practice for their weak and non-reader young adult learners. I am referring to learners who are 14 years old and older.

These ESL learners are so frustrated that they have either given up or misbehave so that teachers would ask them to leave the classroom. Their strategies are to escape the ordeal of ESL learning.

How can teachers make their learning meaningful? Their self esteem needs to be raised.

Iwelcome you to share your experiences with others so that we can help these wonderful precious kids.

All the best,
Nellie Deutsch
A sense of success is important for adult learners as well as small children. After learning English for years, I still lacked this feel in the course of learning until one day I only answered a simple sentence to a customer ' That's fine with me 'Emotion: smile.

Only then I came to realise to know is one thing, to put into practice is another. That's why I always stress on the point of using right away what a learner just picks up so that the passion for learning will not be phasing out over time.
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That's fine by me or it's ok with me.
' with me or by me ' sounds right I guessEmotion: smile

But ' What do you want with me ' and ' what do you want from me ' are a big difference in meaningEmotion: smile
So what is the difference?
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If my memory serves me right. I remember what my former English teacher told me about ' ... want with me ' and ' .... want from me '.

" What do you want with me " is what do you want me to do ( sort of help you ).

" What do you want from me " sounds as if I got something that you want to get it from me.
Let me think if I asked sb " What do yo want from me?" What kind of an answer would I be likely to get? (i)
Thank you for your helpful comment.
I hope others will join in and add theirs.
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With more heads being put together, I think we can broaden our horizons as far as English is concernedEmotion: smile
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