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hi ,

I am from new delhi in INDIA.I have read about health is wealth,if i tell you that my father has also becomes very uncomfortable these days.He also forgotten that ....his health is not wealth.And he is not alright these days.And i want to thanks you lot that you have tell me such a nice thing.I will go to my father and infront of whole family,I will read this paragraph.And i think that they will give more importance to thier healths....

Thank you ...
fantastic ideas for writing paragraphs
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thankyou for this essay . it is a very good one . because of this essay i got full marks in school.
I'm not sure that bragging about the grade you got by stealing the work of others and fraudulently submitting it as your own is a good idea. I hope, for your sake, you teacher does not goolge phrases you used in your essay and find this post.
Great thank you so much Emotion: embarrassed
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sir, can you write wealth is better than health

hi everyone, this is my first post here.i want to write a brief of speech about health an wealth,like how the other guys are saying health is more important than wealth i say a big yes to that health is more important than wealth because if your health is not good you will not enjoy your wealth and if you are sick everytime thinking about your wealth not thinking about your health if you die you will live all your things here and wealth too si i say health is more important than wealth thank you all

Hi!!!Thx for sharing....it's good...all the best for ur upcoming posts☺👍👍
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