Where are you on Earth and what is the weather at your location like today?

As for me, I am in St. Petersburg, north-west of Russia. It's about 0 C now (I believe it is (9/5)*0+32=32 F), there 3-5 cm layer of snow on roofs and cars which is about to melt, and the snow on the ground is wet and dirty. The fog hides everything farther than 1 kilometer, and the sky behind the fog must be all clouded. I don't like this weather, but I am happy it's not cold. Hate cold.
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Here it's nice and sunny.
Happy you. What is the temperature?

However... do you think about it if it's nice and sunny?
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About what???
the temperature ... Emotion: paradise
yeah, I can't get it off my mind. I like the warmth, the heat...LOL
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Madrid enjoyed such pleasant weather today.
I could walk without a jacket. The temperature was 13 C degrees but it seemed higher.

The snow that was on the mountains almost dissapeared. No problem, we'll see them covered again.

It's 6:35 pm now. I can still differentiate between firmament and earth. The sunset was not the most impressive but yes, red horizontal shapes competing with dark blue sky.

Dark won.
Emotion: crying I'd love some [*] and too! Why is it always Emotion: storm here?
Well, you could always come and visit me. LOL.
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