I was looking at a weather forecast?? for a city and came upon these terms. Please tell me what they are If it is two much work, please refer me to a post.( Could not find the degree sign from my keyboard)

Feels Like: 67

Barometer: 29.91 in and rising

Humidity: 76% -- Is that mean water takes up 76 percent of the air?

Dewpoint: 59

Visibility: 7 mi -- Is that mean you can see upto 7 miles?
Feels like: it doesn't always feel like what the thermometer says, wind chill and humidity can make it feel warmer or colder.

barometer: how much air pressure there is.

Humidity: it's 76% of the maximum amount of water that the air can hold. The hotter it is, the more the air can hold.

Dewpoint: the temperature that it needs to be for dew to form.

Visibility: yes, the distance that you can see.
Thank you.

Very sunny response.