Do you know the address of the websites that give a possibility to improve the comprehetion of speaking English?

Thank you a lot.
For the comprehension of spoken medical English, try TALKING MEDICINE , http://www.talkingmedicine.com
I think this is exactly what you are looking for.


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i am a new comer here , from china, i will check that medenglish too, thx a lot Emotion: smile
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thanks alot for website that you had given.ı tried it and enjoyed from.ı listened two meeting presentation.Emotion: smile
Thanks a bunch.. Your link has been of great help..Anything you need..just ask.
I come from China, too. And I also want to know if there's a website about medical audio meetings and presentations with updated new resources by which I can improve my medical English listening skills... Emotion: wink

Regards and Many thanks!

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The answer to your question is already in ths discussion - it's www.talkingmedicine.com
Have a look at www.medilang14.com it may be useful.


My name is Jameel Al-Juwairy ,50 years old ,from Taiz ,Republic of Yemen. I'm an instructor of English at the Faculty of Medicine ,Taiz University .

I'm looking for good and reliable resource of English for medical purposes. I hope I can get an access to this websitdee or forum where I can get good resources to help me perform my job well.

I would be grateful to you .

Thank you very much .

Jameel Al-Juwairy

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