this man says i was so wedged that return was impossible?
so what does wedge mean in this context?
none of the dictionary meanings i got online imply here ?
so any comments?
I think the writier probably means physically 'stuck' tightly, thereby unable to free him/herself.
I have a rough idea, but I would like somebody else to comment on it.
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so the whole sentence would mean...?
this man says i was so wedged that return was impossible?
This/the man said I/he was stuck so firmly that I/he was unable to return (to wherever I/he had come from).
I/he was prevented from returning because I/he was stuck.
Maybe his/my head was wedged between two rocks, and I/he could not free myself/himself.
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Only the first one makes sense, doesn't it?
hey thanks for your replies,
acc to the context of the story he din struck any where, i think he basically means that he was very tired and so he didnt wanted to go , or couldnt go, may be he is just metaphorizing tiredness.
Yes, you may be right, it may be slang or metaphor.
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