Hi, all

what do you think if each monday we create a new topic for writing and on this week we write about this topic, and we can check and fix grammar, mistake each other, and may be volunteer teachers can help us

Ok, if you agree with me, first topic I create is

comparing important of writing skill with listening skill and reading skill, and how to improve writing skill

ok, let's start

please correct to me if i wrong
hello,i am a freshman,first time write something on this site,so ,if i do some mistakes,please also correct it for me,my email adress is Email Removed">Email Removed if anyone want to have a chat with me or interested in Chinese culture and place of interest ,i will try my best to meet he needs.

turn to writing ,for i do some practice before i attended the colleage entrance exam,i have some my experience and will to share with you.At first ,you must have the eager to write the topic,if not ,creat and find it,you can make it through expend writing in your daily life,and ,you cao also connect the topic with the thing you be interested in,in that case,words may become smooth and your article set the first pace.

Second,talk with your friends,teachers,classmates,even people you don't know.more or less,you can get from them something useful for you.In that case,you will obtain a lot new opinion and thoughts,i believe you can go ahead the article further.

Because this is my first time ,and my no experience and do not know how to express my self in a correct way,if have some trouble,please forgive. make new friends and exchange with me, OK, that'all look forward your email
also ask for help ,who can help me to make a good mark in our CET4 exams ,give some suggsetion,please!