Pink lips that can see

Black eyes that can talk

Graceful walk that can laugh

Breath that is visible

Shadow shining in front of me

Sweat overcastting my heart

A slipping sky

A fragrant hue

A devotee growing to be god

A star shining like moon

A peace in war

Right things in wrong places

Weird is my world,

For I am in love.
Great comment though. I would change walk in the third line because it rhymes with talk in the line above it and that may trip up a reader because it is an unplanned and unexpected rhyme that makes it sound more discordeous.
Hello, Maam, I am flattered sorry to use this word, after reading the poem, but I am not in love,

let me introduce myself I am Danny from India, I can tell only this for now, my brain is ain't working now.

Hope to talk to you soon.

from Danny,

bye bye..........
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Thanks Lathorn and Danny for your valuable comments.