Dear Friend,

If you're a riddle lover, riddle expert or a curious person at least,welcome to the RidSoc then Emotion: smile

The name of the club was created by Tearsofjoy (Riddle Solvers' Club) and the abbreviation (RidSoc) was my piece of work.We decided to open this thread so as to share our opinions about all kinds of riddles.Rebus,anagrams,"hidden country" riddles, word plays, math. riddles, letters-equaitons, "find the logic" riddles, mystery, series, pictograms etc.

We hope that we'll be a gaint family soon..

By the way if you say " How will we understand if someone is a club member or not?" , let me suggest my solution; just put a [Y] at the end of your each post..

Best regards,


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You're welcome Tattyjacky... Emotion: smile
YoHfYou're welcome Tattyjacky... Emotion: smile
Oooh, YoHf being polite! Emotion: surprise Emotion: wink

And yes, Tattyjacky, welcome to the RidSoC!


- Joy[Y]
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Hey, I'm always polite! [H]

Oh, of course! Just kidding Emotion: stick out tongue
Here are some examples of my favourite type of riddles..

Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
GooD LucK!
For instance ? ( four in stance)

Forgotten Hero ( four got ten hero) Emotion: smile
Both are correcT! gOOd jOb! (forgotten heroes)

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How about this one?
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