Dear Friend,

If you're a riddle lover, riddle expert or a curious person at least,welcome to the RidSoc then Emotion: smile

The name of the club was created by Tearsofjoy (Riddle Solvers' Club) and the abbreviation (RidSoc) was my piece of work.We decided to open this thread so as to share our opinions about all kinds of riddles.Rebus,anagrams,"hidden country" riddles, word plays, math. riddles, letters-equaitons, "find the logic" riddles, mystery, series, pictograms etc.

We hope that we'll be a gaint family soon..

By the way if you say " How will we understand if someone is a club member or not?" , let me suggest my solution; just put a [Y] at the end of your each post..

Best regards,


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And thiS?

Dj BuenoAnd thiS?


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Dj BuenoHow about this one?

"nothing good on TV"?
ExcellenT! Joy Emotion: wink You've got the 2005's last CONGRATULATIONS! [<:o)]
Hey maybe not the last one of 2005 ( there's 3 hours to go yet)

Try this one.

wind OW! Emotion: wink
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Dj BuenoExcellenT! Joy Emotion: wink You've got the 2005's last CONGRATULATIONS! [<:o)]

:bows deeply:Emotion: stick out tongue

Hope you guys had as excellent a new year as I did - mall-hopping with friends followed by a bonfire and supper with my neighbours plus calls from my best pal and brother at midnight... ahh, heaven. Not to mention that I was watching "The Two Towers" till all hours after all that!

May 2006 bring peace, love, and laughter to all of you!


- Joy[<:o)]
Thank you Joy... Yesterday night I really enjoyed the party... Emotion: smile
Good for you!


- Joy[Y]
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hi everyone!

i would really like to join this group, im aru, friends with joy, love riddles, but not so gud at them.

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