Dear Friend,

If you're a riddle lover, riddle expert or a curious person at least,welcome to the RidSoc then Emotion: smile

The name of the club was created by Tearsofjoy (Riddle Solvers' Club) and the abbreviation (RidSoc) was my piece of work.We decided to open this thread so as to share our opinions about all kinds of riddles.Rebus,anagrams,"hidden country" riddles, word plays, math. riddles, letters-equaitons, "find the logic" riddles, mystery, series, pictograms etc.

We hope that we'll be a gaint family soon..

By the way if you say " How will we understand if someone is a club member or not?" , let me suggest my solution; just put a [Y] at the end of your each post..

Best regards,


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WELCOME TO THE "RidSoc" Aru.. Emotion: smile
Welcome to the RidSoC, dude! We've got no entrance examination, so all you've got to do to deserve a place in here is to check out this forum as often as ur schedule permits, and post/solve any riddle that strikes ur fancy.

Enjoy ur time here kid, I certainly am!

Love ya,

- Joy.[Y]

PS: Never forget the [Y]
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Hi everyone!

Check out http://deathball.net/notpron /

I thought it was awesome, am stuck in level 10, and haven't had much time to spend on it recently. I think you guys will enjoy it.


(At the risk of sounding incredibly stupid, how do i get the thumbs up thingie? Emotion: embarrassed

Ahhhh... notpron. Have to catch up on those.

And the RidSoC sign? You got the blush from the "insert smiley" column, so scroll farther down on that till you get to "yes" and clickie there. Or simply type [ Y ] without the spaces.


- Joy. [Y]

Thanks, and best of luck again. Don't get stuck on the 3D stuff...

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Hey Aru!

I'm stuck on level 4..I cannot see the highlighted part properly.I mean it just appears for a second..lol..very short for me..

Well, it says 'stop being so negative' if thats any help...

Gotta figure it out from there...


Heyyyyy!! I wanna congratulate myself! I have guessed the "stop" and "being" and "so" parts correctly!! Yuppiiee... thanks Aru.

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congrats Dj! Emotion: big smile

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