I need a welcome speech for a college new students welcome function Hi, i am anukita in our college day function, can somebody help me how to start welcome speech for new students.

Possibly you could begin by telling them how wonderful the college is, and what a great education they are going to receive there.

and then after talking about how wonderful the college and the parts , you can tell how the experience had changed so many lives and the positive effects that made them always remember it.
you can mention some of the names . in fact if you studied in this college you can talk a little bit about your experience .
hope u write nice speech [Y]
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Best wishes! [<:o)]
u give only tips to welcome juniors but if u write a 3 or 4 lines peragraph than i hope that it will help to many other students and also me..........bcoz i need it badly and i hav notime to think on your tips and write a new peragraph......thank you................. Fozi

You seem to think that your time is more important than my time.

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i agree...but if you write atleast a paragraph we may get a rough idea on d topic.....