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why there's no guys here?
suggest we change the name to vocabulary and idioms.
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Good idea, people do need help with idioms.
Thanks. You are fast.

I am new around here. I came here to improve my english. I didn't check the site very well. I would like to write some letters/essays and a teacher to correct me.
I find this site ocasionally but I think is very helpfull for everyone like me who want to learn english better

Thank you
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Hi Vanilla,

Welcome to the forums, I'm sure you'll improve your English here. If you need help with letter-writing and essay-writing, please post in the [url=" "]Writing world[/url] or [url=" "]Letter writing[/url] forums.
Thank you very much
You helped me to save a lot of time!
Please contact me back ok
i like to be your friend if you fell the same with me contact me through this email so that i will send my pic and tell you more about me,
see my email address below .

hope to hear back from you


EDITED -- email addresses are not allowed in forum posts. You can put it in your profile if you want to.
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