Hi all, welcome to V4. Lot's of new features added, private messaging in groups, friends, comments, lot's of cleaning up, plus a couple of design changes and LOTS of bug fixes.

If you do find any more bugs, please list them in separate threads in the help section. Use specific subjects,not 'it doesnt work' or 'it sucks' etc. Emotion: smile


*also: Avatars are now available to all*
Awesome! It looks pretty neat. This is now much more like a real social network (as the title says), and it's going to be the best one by far for ESL. [Y]
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Looks great, Hitch! Emotion: smile
Thanks guys, we've also tried to iron out as many issues as possible before it got to you guys.. There'll be a couple more to find!, but hopefully this should be a pretty stable release!

Re:Social network - yep, we don't want to go overboard with it but we certainly don't want to miss out on it.. It's such a great tool for developing communities - so we're hoping this is the right balance!