ok there is this phrase in yahoo audibles ."your booty shivers me timbers" what does it mean.
"Shiver me timbers!" or "Shiver my timbers!" is pirate talk. It is an equivalent to "Goodness gracious!" -- an exclamation of surprise. For example, if a cannonball struck a ship quite powerfully, it would make the masts (timbers) shake (shiver). Anything equally surprising would elicit the pirate's "Shiver me timbers!" So anything that "shivers one's timbers" is something that sets one to trembling.

"booty" is a of a much more modern origin, referring to the part of the body that comes in contact with a chair when one is sitting.

The expression is intended to be coyly suggestive without being sexually explicit.
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I think that "booty" in this context refers to 'treasure' in that it is a derivation from 'Bounty'. The use of the word 'booty' in this conext pre-dates the 'posterior' use by many years.

Interesting interpretation. So you are saying that you believe "Your booty shivers me timbers" means something like "Your treasure surprises me"? Or what?

By the way, yes, I meant the use of booty to mean posterior is the recent use, not the centuries-old "booty" as the "take" or "loot" from a raid. That's what you mean by "treasure", right?