I'd like to introduce you to an app, that I've been developing for the past few months, 📲 Well Spoken, I already have 7000 users and keep receiving amazing feedback worldwide.



I've been taught English since 4yo, and I've lived abroad for more than 8 years now. Despite this, I still struggle when conversating with native speakers, as I miss some specific vocabulary. There are thousands words, which I didn't know, knew, but didn't use or even worse - used incorrectly. I'd started to complete my own dictionary, which for the long time served as my internal, private, self-improvement app.

At some point, I realised that it's worth sharing it. I embedded it into nice app, added few additional features and published in both App Store and Play Store.

Well Spoken is addressed mainly for advanced speakers, but intermediate as well as beginners should find something for them as well as I support many proficiency levels.

In the nutshell:

  1. you build your own collection choosing words from my cherry-picked list, or search for your own vocabulary, I also have pre-made collections for quick start
  2. you participate in various challenges - simple ABCD quiz, or spelling practise
  3. you repeat the challenges until you memorise the word, if you answer the challenge correctly - it's repeated less often - days, weeks, months, but answer incorrectly - I will ask you again as early as in 2 minutes.

Kindly asking for download and 5 star. If you have any feedback for me - please share, I've already updated the app >30 times.

Kind regards

Chris Rutkowski

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