Hi my EnglishForward friends,

Can you please help me with this sentence: "Well, you got me hanging.". I heard this phrase in a movie, where FBI agent was questioning the suspect about the missing guy. That agent said something in this way: "Hey, I know that you've been giving this guy a lift for two weeks, all of a sudden he's got that money in a bank." (of course, no problem for me), but that criminal answered him sarcasticly: "Well, you got me hanging." Please, do you know what it is? I'm sure that for native speakers it will be no problem....Somehow I feels that it means:"Well, you caught me off the guard", but I'm not sure.

many thanks in advance and nice weekend to all of you.

I cannot tell from the context. Perhaps your interpretation is correct, or perhaps it means 'you've got me wondering'.
thx Mister.M. Both meanings fits perfectly.

with regards