Hi my EnglishForward friends,

Can you please help me with this sentence: "Well, you got me hanging.". I heard this phrase in a movie, where FBI agent was questioning the suspect about the missing guy. That agent said something in this way: "Hey, I know that you've been giving this guy a lift for two weeks, all of a sudden he's got that money in a bank." (of course, no problem for me), but that criminal answered him sarcasticly: "Well, you got me hanging." Please, do you know what it is? I'm sure that for native speakers it will be no problem....Somehow I feels that it means:"Well, you caught me off the guard", but I'm not sure.

many thanks in advance and nice weekend to all of you.

I cannot tell from the context. Perhaps your interpretation is correct, or perhaps it means 'you've got me wondering'.
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thx Mister.M. Both meanings fits perfectly.

with regards


The expression, "Well, you got me hanging" simply means "I don't know."

Makes sense to me. The idiom "you got me hanging"really does mean, "I don't know." The phrase means you are mentally stuck. You don't know what else to say since the true answer is really the not very helpful, "I don't know."

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I've never heard that expression in my life. I think the listener simply did not hear properly what was said. That happens a lot.


YOU may not have heard it, but that doesn't mean that other people don't use it. I have used it on many occasions over some decades (I'm 70). I'm sure there are other expressions you have never heard (unless you're a walking encyclopedia). It really, simply, actually just means, "I don't know."