Could you say "We're not there yet" in this context?

Wife:We need to set money aside for the baby.

Husband: We're not there yet. You're not even pregnant.

Thank you
The response makes sense in casual conversation.
Dear alc24,

It'snot impossible. But there are definitly better choises which can be given by a native speaker.


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If the couple's situation allows them to save all of the money they will need in the 9 months of pregnancy then the response by the husband is just as effective without the "We're not there yet."

If the couple have previously discussed a sum of money that they need for baby expenses, the conversation could go something like this.

Wife: "How are we doing on the baby's savings?"

Husband: "Were not there yet."

This is the sort of situation you would expect to hear this answer.

You also hear it quite often during charity money raising events.

"Our goal is one million dollars, but we're not quite there yet!"