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Thanks! I wrote this one this morning...

Came blackout days in my Life
With depression looming along
Anxiety taking over the field
Worries a constant companion
In a tension filled world
Of bygones nightmares
And bad memories
Of the haunting past
And all I could do was
Die another death.
As I hear the rain
In the background of my mind
I see a shadow
In the depth of my brain
Lurking to say
The unsaid words of innocence
Mingling with the sound
Of the continual watering tears
Of the Heaven above
Sighing with sympathy
At my strange memory
Of the bygone Life.
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though beautifully, there bit appears lack of imagination and experience. i am not demeaning your fine effort . " sound of the rain" may be replaced with the "melody of the rain."
hey! this is very nice poem. keep on writing like this. all the best[Y]
Wonderfully written... Poem.

- Deb
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if you had put some punctuations it would have looked better.....
otherwise ur poem wasEmotion: yes
This is a very well written poem and I liked it _ I will share it with my wife, i am sure it will work some magic