The little tinkling
Droplets of rain
The first showers of
The English rain
The harmony of
The cuckoo bird singing
And the glee
In the eyes
Of the blooming
First love

The voice of
My heart and soul
The humming bird
In my songs
Call out your
Loving name
Beckoning you
To reach out
For me as
I am burning
In the flames of
Sweet love

As the sound
Of the rain
Touches the chimes
Outside my window
The jingling sound
Brings joy
To my soothing ears
And the thirst
In the depth
Of my eye lines
Awakens the dreams
Of us together
And makes me
Forget the world
Altogether, my love

Whenever the dark
Grey clouds wander
Along the lines
Of the sky
Above my head
Away from my reach
I long for
That rainy day
When we met
When our love
Blossomed into flowers
The loneliness now
In my tears
Evades my sleep
All my nights
Forever, my love.
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Please let me know if u liked it when u view it.Thanks.
The butterflies of my Life
Have spread their wings
To take flight into the oblivion
Of colorful flowers of dreams
To reach out to the heavenly
Divine beings of Love
Of eternal Time of shadows
And look out of their beady eyes
At the sensors of Godly presence
In the world of emmense tranquility
And rest in the arms of Death
Forever and forever.
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the butterflies of my life...
anita,did you write this poem? its so different from the other poems you post.
Anita, in that first poem, why do you describe your ears as "soothing"? And also, what is the thirst in the depth of your eye lines? I don't get it.

Are all your poems soppy love ones like this?
Yes, I wrote it . and I wrote it on the spur of the moment right here directly in the post.
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Well, It means soothing to the ears. and the thirst is the eagerness to see the person you love. Interpretting poems comes from reading a lot of them. Well, I beg to differ that love poems are soppy and of course if you read all my poems you wouldn't be asking this. You can look up 'the swing' and 'stand out', also the above poem 'the butterflies','innocence' and 'sorrow' to see different poems.
Bluefish, see the poem "fate' which is similar to the above poem in some ways.
its really nice. i believe it's the best one of yours.
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