Hey! I am trying to teach "wh- questions" to my students. Now, I am not a native speaker although I am fluent in English. Yet, since I am not a native speaker and I am new to teaching sometimes even the simplest question sounds like the hardest (maybe its answer is really simple but I am complicating things). Anyway, what I want to ask is: Is there a difference between these two questions? Would your anwers change depending on which one you are asked or would they be the same regardless?

"What is this book?" and "What book is this?"

parende"What is this book?" and "What book is this?"

Neither one is particularly common.

It is best to teach simple, common constructions first.


What is this?
It is a book.
What is its name?
"Dick and Jane."
What is it about?
Who wrote it?
When was it written?
Where was it published?


I don't see any real difference. But I'm not sure what kind of answer you expect.

How about eg It's `Moby Dick'?