I joined this site few days ago.

but now it became my best time to be here .

almost all of the people who post their thinking or questions look great! very kind and considerate!

I can feel it in my bones!(actually I learn this expression here)

for what it's worth I'll give it a shot to post lots of information that I have, and also share the problems that you have!

all of you guys are the apple of my eye

alright.... now korea's season is fall! it's very cool weather.

I don't have any ax to grind to be here, but I just enjoy what I see here.

keep up the good work!
. We all felt the same Admiralso, and that's why we stick to it. Welcome to the EnglishForward.
I'm also very happy with this forum. It's greatful.

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Good day Spinnaker,
SpinnakerI'm also very happy with this forum. It's greatful.

I think you meant ''it's great''.

You can be grateful to someone like the moderators in this forum, but not to the forum itself.

This forum is great. I am grateful to the moderators in this forum.
Thank you very much for this information!
I correct: This forum is great.

Pleasure is all mine spinnaker.

One small correction;

''I am grateful to the people here.'' It is you who is grateful to the other members.

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Then is the "description" grateful to someone/somebody