Is it gramatically correct?

Today is nice weather.

What a nice weather! or should I say: What nice weather!

Thanks in advance
What nice weather.

In common American and British usage, weather, like information, is both singular and plural and uncountable. No need for an article between the adjective and the noun.

This is what you will hear 99.9% of the time. But, just so no one taps my fingers on this:

"The plural of weather is weathers. It is used rarely, and refers to kinds of weathers, but it is a good word and is listed in the Oxford English Dictionary as such, and indicates it is usually used in fixed phrases today, such as "in all weathers."

"e. pl. Kinds of weather: sometimes equivalent to sing. Now rare exc. in phr. (in) all weathers."

It is therefore a countable, not non countable, noun, at least in this sense.

But again, it is not common usage and people would think you quite odd if you were to use "weathers".

Ok how about

What kind/kinds of?

Can we say something like that:

What kinds of animals do you know? or should we say what kinds of animal do you know?

What kinds of meals do you eat?

What kinds of books do you read?
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You're welcome. I'm glad you appreciated my answer about "nice weather".

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