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Would you give me some samples regarding 'what about~' and 'how about~'?

Please give me a hint what's the difference.

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Here are some more examples:

1a. What about a drink?

1b. How about a drink?

= I suggest a drink.

2. "Have you heard about John?" "No, why? What about John?"

= what news about John.

3. "Okay...I've sent off all the invitations to the party – MrQ, MrZ, MissP: I think that's everyone." "Everyone? But what about MrK"

= you've forgotten MrK.

“how about” gives a suggestion or asks someone to consider a possibility.

How about taking a walk after dinner?
How about expanding on this idea in the second paragraph?
How about [banning / a ban on] anonymous letters to the editor?

You want to be a doctor? How about a foot doctor?
You want to be a scientist? How about a microbiologist?
You need something to put on your website? How about some games and puzzles?

“how about if” is common.

How about if I put it in the oven to warm until we’re ready to eat?

“how about” can give such a strong suggestion that it borders on a command, especially when there is a feeling that one is being treated badly.

How about a little privacy?
How about a little courtesy?
How about some respect?

“what about” may express a concern about something not yet explained or not yet made known clearly. It expresses a desire for more information, often about something troubling.

I’d like to start a business. But what about the costs?
I’d like to buy these shirts. But what about refunds?
What about animation on DVD? Doesn’t it compress poorly?
Are some pesticides safer than others? What about pest control devices?
This product seems to work well at the office. But what about when you go home from work? Or what about when you are on a trip?

That said, the two expressions are frequently interchanged:

What about expanding on this idea?
How about pest control devices?

[All examples are modified versions of examples found by Googling “how about” and “what about”.]

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what about and how about are very similar, and can be used interchangeably, but I think what about usually refers to someTHING, and how about usually refers to someONE

eg: What about the chickens?
What about the test?
eg: How about the girls?
How about those people

Hope this helps!

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