Hi every one ,,,
I want to say thank you for this great site and ask what about American English ? I mean I can't found a forum in the index talking about it .. and what about the TOFEL ?

best regardsEmotion: smile
Hello the crash,welcome to EnglishForward,,

could you please clarify your question so that we can help answering it,,,

bye,enjoy your time,,
Hi The Crash, and welcome to English Forums.

Usually we answer "English" questions. Sometimes we will specify that something is more common in American English or UK English or something else. If you have a question and you want to know specifically how it's said/written in American English, just put that in your post.
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Thank you The utopia & Grammar Geek , you cleared the point Emotion: smile .
ok,this is fine,you are welcome Emotion: wink,,
american english is famous for every countery
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