my friends..just telle me what do you think about this thread;i don't know some people doesen't like american politics..why?about iraq war what do you think.....
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I love freedom and I hate totalitarianism. This means that there are many, many things I love about America. It would , of course, be fair to say that America is not perfect. At the end of the day I would have to say that I think the world would be a very different place without the efforts of America and other countries who are dedicated to fighting totalitarianism. YES, I do think it is sometimes neccessary to enlist the aid of a small bully in defeating a big one.
By the way, I am not an American.
If only Iraq didn't have any oil.
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And hadn't support terrorists!
If only the Americans had found have some weapons of mass destruction.
Maybe when they find Saddam he will tell them which part of Syria or Saudi Arabia they were sent to.
Oh, and he should thank the French for giving him the time in which to move them!
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The Americans are said to be the cowboys of the oil world.
I've never trusted any government to work 'for the people'. They just don't. I'm waiting for the day when education rolls us all past this.

As for the American government: Yeah whatever, pipes and paths.
As for the Iraqi government: Yeah whatever, just as pathetic.

Why do we have mental midgets running the world? Why do we keep re-electing scum? Why do we trust people in suits so much? How come you can BUY an election campaign? Whatever; it makes me sick..
Moisiu: Albania Proud to Support US Anti-Terrorist Efforts

TIRANA, Albania -- On Thursday (11 September), President Alfred Moisiu sent a letter to his US counterpart, George W. Bush, commemorating the second anniversary of the deadly terrorist strikes on New York and the Pentagon. Moisiu said Albania is proud to back Washington in its efforts to combat terrorism, and commended relations between the two countries beyond that sphere. (ATA, Albanian Daily News, BBC - 11/09/03)
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