i'm from Austria and i'm interessting what the people think about this country!

important information Austria is not Australia!!!

I visited Austria when I was about 16 and really loved it. I know we were only in the tourist area and I'm sure that most of Austria isn't quite like this, but it was just like something in a Heidi movie! Wooden chalets covered in flowers, cows with bells on, lush meadows, mountains, heaps of hay, glaciers....

The people seemed very friendly.

I remember having quite a time of it at the town's two nightclubs with a couple of other teenage holiday makers but that's another story! [6]
Austria? Emotion: tongue tied
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a beautiful country~~~~~~~~,i can't express by any other words
I like Austria!
Skiing there is great and you eat much more than in Germany for lunch!!! Me and my class, we went on schooltrip there and when we have our first lunch, we thought the soup we got was the main course... but then afterwards we get Viennese Schnitzel AND desert!!! But everyone ate so much soup, that nobody could eat anything else!!! Emotion: big smile
Great country! Although I didn't think so when I was there two years ago. It is very unflat compared to Holland and that made me a bit nervous for some reason, so I started hyperventilating...
Other than that I really like the country. Mountains, hills, snow in the summer, cows on the road, winter sports...

Yep, I definitely like your country Emotion: big smile.
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You know, this little country next to Germany?! Mozart? The Sound of Music? Sissi? The place where both the first and the second worldwar practically started? Vienna? Arnold Schwarzenegger? The Alps? Ever heard of any of these? Yes? Well, they are all connected to Austria. Which is sad, because those things are practically all people of other countries know about Austria...
Oh it is like that ;D (atleast if you arent in a big city and eastern Austria is more "citier")