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On 9th-10th april in Italy there will be the voting to elect the new prime minister,and to re-organise the government,etc...maybe it's not a great news,but I'm only curious to know what do you think about the actual prime minister Silvio Berlusconi?!Do you know who is he?!..be sincere,and cruel..if possible.. Emotion: rolleyes

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As far as I know him from media he is very cute . I cant understand if it only comes to me so but whenever i watch him on TVs , i see a smile on his face Emotion: smile . He must be full of life. Meanwhile he has a great wealth possesive of numerous companies, TVs and even football teams. i may be wrong but in the bottom line, I should say , I want his election again in april.
Emotion: big smile My best friend suggest me to tell you that he's always smiling because of the liftings..but I'm superpartes,so you decide! Emotion: big smile
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Hello guys!! Luky you that you don't have Berlusconi!!

I'm Italian and ashame to have a prime minister like him who has made laws for to help himself not to go to the jail.....MAFIOSO MAFIOSO MAFIOSO DI MERDA +0(
I used to like him so much until I read some news about him today.If the news are right he is both cute and unfortunately impolite.The word he said the his opponent was awesome. Anyway,nyla how the polls show now? what are the estimates? Is he going to win on Sunday?
Hi Janissary!

He said that every italian that vote the left wing is a s*****!Yes,a bit not polite!But he said,also,that:it was irony.

Talking about the estimates:the last that I read in march showed that Prodi was the favourite one,but for few points..now,I don't know.Actually I can't find any estimate or poll on the election.

Finally,I don't know who will win sunday.Both,Prodi and Berlusconi are not good prime ministers..for me.

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I can't understand why anyone would vote for a character as dubious as Berlusconi.

(But then, I couldn't understand why anyone would want to vote for the last few British prime ministers – Blair, Major, Thatcher, etc.)

Why do people like him?

<deeply puzzled>

Because he tells nice jokes!

I agree with you Mr Pedantic,he's dubious,sooo dubious! Emotion: indifferent
I don't think I like him. I reckon he is just a bigmouth. Nearly one week ago in an election speech in Naples he said to the rally," In Mao's China, they boiled babies for fertilize. That's absurd and ridiculous.Emotion: surprise How could he think of that? I also think he is amusing. He used to pick up the European constitution to fan the flies. It's so incredible.Emotion: surprise
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