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Let's pray the power of virtue touch to the heart of those people who have done such harsh thing. Let's pray the power of all goodnessn in this world protect the innocent people.

Let's allow some word of Bhudda stay in somebody's heart.

"At any time in this world,

Hatred never ceases by hatred,

But through non-hatred it ceases

This is an eternal law."

Let's cool this world by extinguish the fire of anger. I believe many people also get extreamly hurt from these pictures as same as Lebanon people. But what the way to finish the wars?[F]

thank you Atitaya,it is so good.

"...Hatred never ceases by hatred..." I agree with you... unfortunately I don't know what the way to finish wars...
These pictures are painful...I hope to finish this war.Don't hurt children...
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You will see what CNN never shows
Emotion: zip it


I know there are more than that photo , but the news dont show us.

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I am still voting ISRAEL as a No. 1 terrorist in the world forever and ever...
Hi ColumbusEmotion: smile

I add my vote with you Columbus Israel as a No.1 terrorist in the world .

They are very coward and they never change their lowness.
I am very saddened by it and theother day while watching the news I got very emotional and started crying. I hate violence of any type and the death of innocent children and all other people is simply horrendous when its not their fault. just hope some solution and a ceasefire is sort. I feel more value should be placed on human lives. This is indeed terrible.
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I don't know how to express my anger sorrow and all bad feelings towards these warlike peopleEmotion: angryEmotion: cryingEmotion: sadEmotion: bat[6]Emotion: super angry
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