As a brazilian myself, I would like to know what do you think and know about my motherland.

I think our nature is just awsome but in the other hand, our politicians suck. We're going through a political crises, we've found that most of our current politicians are into corruption and our people just don't know how to vote, so next elections we will have the same bastards on power again.

I feel ashamed to be a brazilian sometimes... that's the truth. Emotion: crying
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Hi Lulla. I dont know much about Brezilia. The only thing I know Brezilian football players are usually perfect Emotion: smile
oooops. don't be like that.

brazil is your country.because there is brazil, so you are.

actually I heared that there are many problems through your country from my brazilian friend.

but it's same compaing to the other countries...

the most important fact is your country can give you many opportunities to live successfully.

but it's up to you! to do like that I mentioned before, you should love your country to say the least.
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I try my best to love it, but most of the time it gives me to reason to keep on lovin' it. I have myself a national flag over my desk and sometimes I keep on starrying at it like "Will it ever change?"
Anyone else has an opinion about Brazil?
Or at least correct my mistakes? Emotion: wink
Brazil is our happiest tropical neighbour! You have been blessed with a beautiful and unique land! I have no problems at all with Brazil or its people. I think I understand how you feel about your country because what you describe is the exact feeling I often have about Argentina. We had very serious economical problems and we also have extremely corrupt politicians (although I think the worst moment for us was the 90's). And argentines don't know how to vote too Emotion: wink
I wish to all brazilians the best, and don't be so hard with your own country. The perfect country doesn't exist. Of course we can always try to improve ourselves, but that's not a very easy task for each person, and therefore is not easy for a society. However it can happen and that's why I haven't lost my hope and faith in my country. So cheer up, ok? Emotion: wink
Glad to be your neighbour.
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Hi, Lulla
I am very surprised at what you feel about your country.
I read a book about Brazil several years before and then just wanted to visit the country. Everything in Brazil and South America is so different from Asia and Europe... I also met some Brazilian students, they were so lovely.
The only thing that worries me is the security there.
ahanoianThe only thing that worries me is the security there.

Exactly! The police shoot about 200 people on the streets of Rio de Janeiro every year. If you leave your bag on the Copacabana Beach for 30 minutes, it'll have been stolen by the time you come back. If it's a consolation, most of South America is the same. Emotion: sad

When mentioned Brazil, the first thing emerges in my mind is football. It is well known Brazilian are good at football, and it is Brazilian excellent football players bring so much enthusiasm and joy to the whole world. Brazilian do give a good impression to hunman beings. So be happy and confident more, Lulla.
With respect to politics, we suffer from the similar worry. Chinese politicians are corrupt too. Even though you do not know how to vote. But you are more fortunate than me at least. Because I have never known what is vote.
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