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In practice, Chinese Law in principle allows one couple with only one child. If more than one and your first child is not a girl, then you will be punished in money
One of my suggestions is that do not judge one thing just by listening. Others' comments are not exactly what you think and maybe ,didn't show you the reality. Is Chinese smart or not can only be examined when you touch them,isn't it?
And, as you say literaly ,then there must be some reasons that allow Chinese goods to circulate literaly ,no matter what they are . I'm not asking for your aggrement, just personal idea.
Best wishes.
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At least on this point, I couldn't agree with you more!
Firstly, what I want to say is calm down ,man!
Secondly, wow! I couldn't say anything else but" What are you talking about!!!!"
I am a chinese .thank you for your understanding of my country.
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Erciyeslichinese i think hardworking and living in crowded groups it is diffucult i think to live in chine but i want to ask you what do you think about wage paid to chinese workers is it enough to live there?

it might not be able to live in american, but it's able to live in China. things in china are much more cheaper than in american
Chinese students only know study..(I'm a Chinese)we are look forward to study in America,if we really can study in America,but we are used to study.
hey, i don't agree. it's you(!) looking forward to study in American. Please don't speak on behalf of all chinese peolple. No life is better, they are just different !
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I'm a chinese,and i think chinese quite friendly,but sometime too shy.
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