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This is true.
Hi, like reading your comment. You did know Chinese culture more deeply than other westerner.
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Actually most Chinese are rich, only a few Chinese are poor.
hawkhao I think Chinese are clever, they often get high scores in school.
they clever but also cruel and greedy!
OMG! They're really smart.
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I'm a Chinese salesman in a international company,u can add my msn(Email Removed),i think we can be good friends
Wow I didnt know I could find a site where people can blog about other payultures but I guess we have to say thank our american fathers for allowing us to have the freedom of speech that many other countrys do not offer their inhabitants without being procecuted or put to jail. I am a 35 year old hispanic woman who has worked for 3 chinese companys over a period of 7 years and have learned from their culture. I cannot generalize and say that ALL chinese people are the same but they are all very alike. I have met and worked with at least 3,000 chinese people in my time and can provide many facts i've learned about the chinese in America that alot of people may not know;

#1 chinese people pay cash for almost everything- they don't believe on getting things on credit this is why IF they own a credit card- they don't maintain a balance since they them in full every month upon usage.

#2 chinese people are very good at math

#3 most if not ALL chinese people LIE about how much education they have gained at a college or university.

#4 personelly as far as friendshipes go- Chinese people are very good people to have as friends. They are very trustworthy, honest (they won't steal) and very happy people

#5 they are very health concious meaning they watch EVERYTHING they eat- Staying young and looking young is VERY important.

#6 In the workplace-

a.) many run their business by selling services or products
b.) fail to adhere with american customs as far as fair trade goes (customer service)
c.) if their company fails- they have a back up company to open new business under therefore they never close
d.) many manage their business in fvery aulty, desceptive mannger us
ually lie to their customers about their products & services
e.) when they hire new personell- they do not train- if you get trained for 5 days call yourself lucky. they believe training a person at a new job is a waste of time and money.
haha...i am Chinese.but i do not think so .Goverment forbid people to procreat too many children.In city the family just have one child.but in village the family have two or three children.Chinese are changing. Many many years ago chinese abide by Confucius teaching.but new goverment change this.most chinese do not know the ture history,but i think they will return to traditional.maybe 20 years late ,the word will know how great the chinese are.
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who r you talking about? that's not chines,that's just your imagination.Now all these moralities among chinese in RPC r fading away,thanx to the CPC,they finally win this country,breaking all the good things,taking away all the resources & wealth from the people to feed their Insatiable avarice.
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