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chinese people r too quick in their actions and they like to do there things in there own manner n thery respect their traditions much than any other countrymen does.
I think that they are changeable people.
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i think chinesse love keeping to traditions ,they like arabs love traditions ,also they love antique (old things). they respectpeople,also they try to devlop their countryby working hard and honesty. they keeping to married and procreation childern as much as you can. in fact chinesse govermant forbidden that but this no one stop chinesse to procreat. so ithink most of chinesse are very poor .

that is my opinion , some maybe agree....others maybenot
hi all..

i like Chinese so much, i want to have friends there but its so fare from my country..

iam just surbrised from the font of ur language, its strange !

as drwing as Japanese too ......
I'm an Chinese, and I've never been to abroad, I come to this forum only to improve my English. But when I saw this passenage(sorry for my words failing to express the meaning),I can't stop myself saying something.

First, I agree the thought of connection, it is exactly right. Once you have no relationship, just like farms, many things are out of their ability, because their will be many obstacles interclated by people, the other way around, things are very easy.

But I don't agree the opinion that Mao Zedong is a dictator and obliterated Chinese culture. To evaluate him impersonally, most of Chinese now think he was half-and-half merits and demerits. He saved China from colonist. Chinese peoples lives under the rule of th invader are gloomy, it is Mao that save so many people from darkness. What with the misplay of decision-making, China faced with ten-year convulsion(1966-1976). But it was Mao's fault that China came to a famine, it was because of the coup of Russia.They used to supply us with many materials and people(to help China improve her science and technology), what with the coup, they countermand all the materials and people.So all the nation bog down.

in addition, i'd like to make friends with you----people who want to make friends with me
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Hi, I do not agree some of your opions.
Chinese are smart hard workers, but they do not tend to act as groups. There is a saying in China said " 1 chinese alone is a dragon while 3 chinese togather is a worm"
I must digress Mao Tse-tung used Marx's theory as a source of mind control over the so-called proletariat . At the same time they were too fixated on their culture's traditions that they were unable to advance and adapt to the modern century, which led to the infrastructural demise. Not saying that the people were incompetent, but the Mao's focus lacked a strong binding when he only focused on rural industrialization and totally ignored the urban sect all together. If he was going to concentrate on improving China, he should have focused on the sects as a collective, not be bias. He ended up murdering countless innocent bystanders because he "thought" they opposed his ideology. What made me even more sick was how he could smile while millions starved to death, offering no real resolution. While lurking in the background he enjoyed an extravagant life compared to that of his own people. Very ironic isn't it? Simply sad and disturbing to be exact.
that chinese people are really hardworking and family-centered, they like to put the community's benefit first, they like to help others.
they believe that if you want to be respected, you should respect others first. and they are very warmhearted, they treated friends and newcomers the same. they tried their best to welcome them. they like to be thrift.
although you can say that they are a little bit stubborn, you can never deny that they are really kind people. and sometimes there are some reasons why they will stick to their own thinking. so don't laugh at them when they say sth that sounds very stupid.
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Hello, Muslimah,I am a chinese and live in China .It will be my honor to make freinds with you .
You folks have any question about China please address it to me freely ,it my plearsure to give the answer,though sometime I can't expree myself very well in English.
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