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They are soo smart , and populous,food interesting
it not true
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learnthebeauty quite ridiculous comments! vietnan? do you know how chinese helped the vietnan in the vietnan war? and then the vietnan rebelled china about few years later! it's vietnan that owe many things of china!
it not true
I am a Chinese girl born in China to study and work, because I like you a lot of curiosity about a lot of other countries, and then I saw you a lot of views, my English is not very good, a lot of the time I need to use translation software to complete reading, Chinese people need to go abroad, in addition to the efforts and hard work, then he must have a good family environment, and money is he able to go abroad, want to change myself and the person to get to know more countries, I think they should be a wise man.
The proverb you quoted is not correct. It means three heads are better than one, which is to say that three not so smar people can defeat one smart person. That tells people it is better to gather more opinion than trying to figure things all by oneself.
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face means reputation.. just like the phrase "lose face"
About your "b)tending to live and act in groups", yes, because they are collectivism. And most Western countries are individualism.
You are really a Chinese people ! The knowledge about China seems so impacted by Chinese authority .
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But they are not creative.And as a Chinese student,I feel stressful.
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