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de verdad hay muchos chinos que estan mirando los repuestas en el web como asi, jaja, aunque you think you didn't have an experience of communication with a chinese, but they had read you message.
I am a Chinese, I can tell you something about China or Chinese people.Is any issue you want to know?
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i am chinese who live in Indonesia. I dont know if this true or not, but what i know, chinese in mainland dont treat us, outsider chineses, equally. i feel like i am not a true chinese, and in here i get so many racist. so those things just make me wonder, what i must belong to? just like that... i am sorry, but just sometimes i feel that way. what must i consider myself as?
I quite agree with you !
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No No, Chinese people are loud, they talk very lound, and whenever I go to watch movies, or going out for eating, My friends and I cannot concentrate, they talk to loud, even when I ask them to talk softly, ...They are agressive also,,,see what they r doing to sea of Vietnam and Philipine, and to island of Japan. They want all the things in world, good at making fake products, hundreds of fake iphone, samsung,...They even think Vietnamese, Japanese, Philipines are equal to dog. okie. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-21606450
Hellooooo. would you mind me to ask how british people think about Chinese culture? e.g. Chinese calligraphy and tea. Good thing or bad thing both ok. Because i wanna to creat a society of Chinese calligraphy in the university of Sheffield but afraid nobody will come. so i need british thinking of it.

with thanks^_^
"The Chinese there" ? Emotion: surprise
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Hey,guy, I am a chinese boy.China is an open country,welcome to China.
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