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you are right. totally agree with you. i am one Chinese guy in China Mainland right now. We need time to change our world and goverment.make the world better. and we are changing now. you can see it.
"Personally I think we should make Cantonese the third national language of Canada (along with English and French), but written in Roman (i.e., ordinary, English-type) letters."

You can't write Cantonese in, or Mandarin in Roman letters. There is Pinyin, but if you write it in Roman letters it's not Chinese anymore.
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Your words make you not a Chinese.
come back if can
sorry ! i know some Chinese is not civilized .but most Chinese is civilized.We are in progress.
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Hi, I'm a student come from China. We always help someone if he has terribles. We want get on well with other country's people. I have a pool English. So I can't speak well. Sorry 抱歉了,哈哈Emotion: stick out tongue
u know why japanese korean languages and a lot other asian languages are originally come from chinese
Not all Emotion: stick out tongue many people don't have high scores.
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you know,it's because The Japanese text to learn the Chinese words .
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